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Ndani TV’s “Officer Titus” Season 3 Is More A Long, Boring Advert Than It Is Funny – By ‘Segun Odejimi

The posters for the third season of Ndani TV‘s comedy series, Officer Titus were nothing short of beautiful. I loved them.

Then, I discovered that Victor Nwaogu had joined the cast of the Season 3. Victor is my friend and I never fail to make our closeness known, just as I never fail to be straight with my criticism of his work – or anyone he appears in.

Officer Titus

So, look away now, Victor.

When I saw the posters and trailer, I thought Victor’s addition to the craze already established by Oga Titus (Kelechi Udegbe) would make the web series one of the funniest works around.

I was wrong. Massively wrong.

The opening montage was so cute, I drooled. But after watching the first two episodes, I will need a compelling reason to return to NdaniTV’s YouTube channel to watch the remaining episodes of the season. Not like I will be missed though.

For those of us who don’t live under the rocks, we know that Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) is the show’s main sponsor. Ndani TV owes all its thanks to the bank. We also know that for this season, at least, there is some influence or hope that the Lagos State Government will jump in. If not for the “magnanimity” of GTBank, maybe the bills of the show will be unpaid. Let’s get that out of the way.

However, I came to watch a comedy and not a bunch of actors, propelled by writing, endlessly and boringly announce services rendered by the main sponsors. The time spent pushing the money sending code in our faces is astonishing. Thank God for blood, we were pushed so much by it, we would just have fallen off the face of the earth. Phew!

The last time adverts in a film, TV/web series or skit made me cringe this much, I was watching Saka, Aluwe, Baba Suwe, Okunu and Ijebu try too hard to perform a skit they decided to centre around Lagos state at the Lagos @ 50 comedy finale. It was so bad, I tried to hide my head in shame even though I was watching it in the comfort of my living room. But you may choose to forgive them, they are “old skool”, shey?

It seems many a Nigerian “new skool” comedy writer and director have not yet wrapped their heads around the “less is more” saying. Maybe we need to have Pete Edochie belt it out as a proverb before they will keep it safely in the enclosure of their left fists.

Officer Titus

The fact that the makers of Officer Titus 3 decided to conduct a search for awful actors and shovelled them into the minor roles in this web series was poor judgement and it did well in ruining whatever comedy Udegbe and his sidekick, Comedian Ebiye, tried to bring into the show.

The story in episode 2 is more cliche than the burning furnace message of the man who wakes our street up with a megaphone on one hand and a Bible in the other. A tenant owes landlord, landlord comes to ask for tenant, tenant tries to sneak, landlord catches tenant, wahala starts!

Cliche of life!

The third episode isn’t too different. You could just see the lady passenger walking away with one of the driver’s possessions. I thought it would be the frying pan. She took the Agege bread.

Some elements of surprise in a comedy will never go amiss. Not everyday predictable something.

Officer Titus Season 3 is boring with too many long scenes with nothing going on. A great example is the examination scene in the first episode.

Someone once remarked that to enjoy Nigerian comedies, we have to really lower our expectations. Issokay! We will continue to lower our expectations until, one day, it reaches six feet. Maybe that’s when we will understand that I didn’t have to lower much watching the works of Rowan Atkinson.

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  1. Ok. Apt as usual, you are one of the reasons my web comedy series is till going through rework and rework. Great critic you are. Cheers!!!

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