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Oga Pastor Saga: Is Ndani TV’s ‘I Don’t Care’ Attitude About To Cost Them Their Huge Fanbase?

Ndani TV either cares or does not give two fucks about their fans.

Whatever the case is, it does look like their fans have an issue with them and so far, they either haven’t realized or aren’t about that life.

In June 2019, Ndani TV, the online platform owned by Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) announced a new web series.

Titled, ‘OGA! Pastor’, the show followed the tumultuous private life of a philandering Pastor whose sins have now come to haunt him.

Sounds familiar? Yup! At the time, a lot of fans drew comparisons between the plot of the show and an ongoing controversial issue surrounding a popular Nigerian pastor and allegations of rape.

Now, this is not Ndani’s first rodeo at drawing similarities between real life and fiction.

Back in 2016, the platform premiered a web series titled Rumor Has It.

Rumor Has It follows the story of a popular media personality whose husband’s infidelity not only threatens to tear her apart but thrusts her whole life into an insane rollercoaster.

Fans were quick to compare it to media personality, Toke Makinwa‘s then marriage collapse.

However, while Rumor Has It was given a fair chance to round up its first season, Oga Pastor wasn’t.

Barely three episodes in, the show vanished from Ndani TV’s YouTube page without a single trace.

What was more bizarre was the absolute silence that followed the sudden removal.

At first, fans were certain Ndani and GTB had been pressured to remove the show because of the striking similarities it bore with controversial Pastor’s real-life story.

However, two months later, Ndani has not only refused to acknowledge this removal, but the platform has also refused to apologize and has even premiered a brand new show!

It is unclear what Ndani’s aim is. Perhaps, they hope Nigerians will move on with time and forget Oga Pastor ever existed.

However, constant reminders on social media have revealed fans will continue to ask questions.




Ndani TV has yet to respond to tweets/comments. Neither have they acknowledged the fans’ outrage.

It is also unclear whether this would have a longterm effect on the hugely popular platform.

Whatever the case though, we can only wait and see.

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Written by Tomilola Adeyemo

Team Lead, True Nollywood Stories


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