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Osuofia: Goodluck Giving Nollywood Money Was Rubbish


Nollywood star actor, Nkem Owoh is of the opinion that the money former President Goodluck Jonathan gave to Nollywood in the form of intervention funds was of no use.

Popularly known as Osuofia, the actor said that the money did nothing to protect the industry from the challenges facing it.

Osuofia was speaking with New Telegraph.

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He said, “It was announced that the former president gave money to the industry. This is a personal opinion, even if the funds were given to the industry, was that the right thing to do to protect the industry?”

“No, you have to lay down a foundation and help us to build the structure first. If we don’t have a structure and you bring that money, you are going to cause chaos.

“This, I think, had caused a lot of damage already. So, I don’t think bringing out that money and then saying ‘it’s for the industry’ makes sense.

“Who are the ‘industry’? How are you protecting the industry? Where are the technologies? What are the guidelines from the government that protect this industry?

 He called on the government to provide an enabling environment in which the industry can thrive and reach its true potential.

“We want enabling environment, we are not requesting money from the government; nobody has the easy access to bring in technology from outside,” he said.

The comic actor also alleged that actors now pay producers before they can feature in their films.

He said, “Also, some people pay producers money to feature in movies. That is one of the challenges. That is why I said we need an enabling environment and perfection.”

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