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Photos: “Burnt Actor”, Ani Iyoho Is Fine


Nollywood actor, Ani Iyoho who was allegedly burnt when a stunt scene went wrong in Stanlee Ohikhuare‘s yet-to-be-released movie, Behind the Wheels, is fine just as it has been confirmed by the producers that it was merely a publicity stunt.

The report, which went viral on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 caused much uproar on social media with observers claiming that it was a stunt taken too far. Agitations were heightened when Ani could not be reached and the director of the film also kept mum about the situation. However, TNS exclusively revealed that it was a stunt after speaking to one of the actors involved in the project.

This afternoon, at an “emergency” press conference, it was revealed to be a publicity stunt which producers of the movie attempted to use to create awareness for the movie.

“Those emails came from us,” Stanlee said in a room filled with journalists. “We wanted to test the waters.”

Dorothea Kwofie, the special effects artist who is responsible for co-ordinating the stunt told TNS that he wanted to make a statement with the project adding that, “This is the first real fire scene in the whole of Africa.”

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