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TNS FIVE: How To Know You’re On A Nollywood Set

Nollywood sets can be chaotic and fun, like film sets all over the world. However, sets in this part of the world have certain characteristics that are truly all Nollywood!

Here are a few:

1. Eba and Egusi Soup.

This is the globally recognised meal on all Nollywood sets.

Image result for eba and egusi soup

The egusi may change texture (thicker in the east, more watery in the west) but it must be egusi all the same.

2. Pure Water.

Image result for sachet water

Films made on shoestring budgets do not have space for bottled water, please!

3. Groundnuts.

Image result for groundnut

Rule number 1: If you see the producer eating groundnuts, start asking for your balance as this indicates that production money has run out!

4. Able D! Directors are called Able D in Nollywood.

It stands for Able to Destroy bottles of alcohol.


Directors call Action! and Cut! with a mouthful of booze.

5. Scattered Human.

If male, he’ll look every bit like a he-goat with an erection, prancing about but not able to tie down a catch.

Nollywood film set

If female, she’ll most likely have dreadlocks, wear shorts, look like something the cat dragged in. They are also called Production Managers.

Next time you are on a Nollywood set, just look around and these images will stare back at you.

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