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Is Rico Swavey’s Eviction From #BBNaija Proof That Results Are Actually MANIPULATED?

It’s no longer news that Rico Swavey was evicted from Big Brother Naija last night. According to voting results released after the eviction, he polled the lowest number of all the six housemates who were up for eviction.

Since the emergence of BbnaijaLeaks, a controversial handle on Twitter, people who belong strongly to the school of thought that voting results are being manipulated have appeared on social media.

Their first major “leak” was the weekend Anto would be evicted from the show. On March 17, a day before the live eviction show, the handle tweeted:

True to their claims, Anto went home. Well, until she was “returned” to the house by her fans.

Then the weekend Big Brother shocked many people. After partying with the housemates on Saturday, the show’s host – Ebuka – announced the eviction of Bambam. An eviction on a Saturday was a first. On the Friday prior, the leak guys had tweeted this:

This was where the manipulation allegedly began.

According to the “leak”, Cee-C had the next least votes to Bambam. So, by logic, she should have been next in the eviction roulette. However, Teddy A was evicted the next day during the live eviction show. But a few hours before the eviction show, there was a talk of Teddy A being the victim of a flipped script.


Then, after the eviction, Ebuka tweeted something that will make you think the organizers are aware of a Twitter account that claimed to be leaking results:

He followed it up with this:

After Teddy A’s eviction, making him the second evicted housemate in a weekend where only four housemates were up for eviction, there were claims that Big Brother decided to manipulate the result and that Teddy was a victim of an attempt by the organizers of the show to prove to the world that the “leaks” were nothing more than predictions. If Big Brother had followed the results, this school of thought claimed, Cee-C should have left the house, not Teddy A. They pointed to the fact that prior to the party, Cee-C had done something everyone believed was an affront to the show’s main sponsors – Payporte. Cee-C had cut the party costume given to her, claiming it was ugly and unnecessary. For this, many people expected her to have been disqualified, at most, or at the very least, given a stern warning by Big Brother. Neither of this came. Instead, there was a statement by Eyo Bassey, Payporte CEO stating that with the eviction of Teddy A (immediately after Bambam), it was evident that Big Brother does not reward nudity or sex.


So due to this, and the fact that Cee-C seems to generally be a sadist, picking fights with almost everything in sight, many people are of the belief that Big Brother has a hand in her still being on the show. Some conspiracy theorists claim she is being kept in the house as her drama births controversy.

Whether this is true or not, nobody knows for a fact. But let’s continue on this journey.


Yesterday, there were six housemates up for eviction. The expectation, especially as we are just about two weeks to the show’s finale with nine housemates left, was that two of them would be evicted from the show. According to leaks, Alex had the least number of votes followed by Rico. Many people expected those to be the housemates to leave.

Rico alone was evicted. No one else. When the voting results were shown, he had the least number of votes. Alex’s count was slightly higher. Many people still find it difficult to believe that Alex had more votes than Rico. Apart from Rico polling lesser votes than Alex, many people are also baffled at the fact that only one housemate was evicted when six housemates were up for eviction while Big Brother found it convenient to evict two housemates on a weekend when only four housemates were nominated for eviction.

There are no facts with which point to leaks or manipulations in the weekly outcomes of Big Brother Naija. However, there are some signs that are increasingly becoming too heavy and frequent to ignore.

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Written by Segun Odejimi

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