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“Room 315” ‘Theft’ Controversy: 5 Subtle Shades Wana Udobang Sent Niyi Akinmolayan’s Way


Nollywood director, Niyi Akinmolayan has come under fire for planning to shoot a script which is allegedly a plagiarised work of journalist, writer and filmmaker Wana Udobang‘s web series, Room 313.

Abosi Ogba, the writer of Room 315, the script in question, has claimed that the number 315 was derived from his date of birth which is May 31.

However, Udobang’s camp claim that apart from the name, there are similarities between both scripts especially as regards to mental health.

Even though Udobang has not “officially” accused Akinmolayan and Obasi of “theft”, shades have been flying in different directions – especially on Twitter.

Below are 5 subtle shades we are convinced are for the Room 315 people:


This is obviously in response to Akinmolayan’s camp claiming that this is all a “creative coincidence.”


We don’t have mind-reading skills, but something tells us this one is for Mr Ogba.


Akinmolayan woke up this morning and decided to go on a Twitter roll in which he threatened to go ahead with the shoot regardless of the allegations.


Those friends have been out on Twitter and Facebook in full force. They have been in the forefront of the accusations and name-calling.


In case anyone is still confused as to what plagiarism is, this is for them.

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