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“Scorned” Is A Twisted Rape Story – Christiana Martins


Christiana Martins, co-producer (of) and actress in the movie has said the movie, Scorned has a twisted story line and amazing talents which make it one movie cinemas goers should watch out for.

“It is not your typical movie and the suspense is going to keep everyone on their toes. Each character gave it his or her all; from the laughter to the tears. You don’t want to miss this one when it comes out in cinemas trust me,” she said.

The issue of rape keeps soaring each day, with women as the most taunted victims, cutting across various age groups, from children as young as four to teenagers and even most appalling records of old women. In as much as government sign laws to torture perpetrators of such dehumanizing acts, the lapses in their enforcement has encouraged more demeaning acts that are recorded every day.

As the female gender keeps being victimized, she is further bullied into silence by both her tormentor and the society. This is the situation the producers, Christiana Martins and Tokunbo Ahmed have bravely come out to address.

Co-producer and director of the movie, Tokunbo Ahmed, said what prompted the idea of the movie was the need to address the prolonged and repeated silence of the victims of rape.

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 Scorned is the story of a rape victim who took her time to plan her revenge against a rapist who completely forgot about the damage he had done to a young innocent girl. It showcases the psychological damage she went through and the effects the rape still has on her as an adult. And how silence out of fear and shame can either make you or break you.

The movie which is in post-production stars talented and fast rising stars in the industry, which includes the likes of Daniel K. Daniel, Christiana Martin, Okey Uzoeshi,  Chelsea Eze, Chigul, Funny Bone, and a few others.

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