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TNS Exclusive: “If I Didn’t Have A Family, I Wouldn’t Do Anything” – Somkele Inyamah

Somkele Inyamah is in.

The Actress is currently one of the thespians constantly working in Nollywood today. And that means, she’s ‘hot’.

She’s in demand and she’s working her way up the ladder. She’s also very sweet, easy to talk to and one who will give you many ‘quotable quotes’ in one conversation.

So, it is no surprise she has this whole thing on lockdown.

However, as a mom of one, and in a fiercely competitive Industry, it was only right TNS asked her this – how does she do it?

On how she easily combines work and the homefront

I do that with the support of my family; If I didn’t have my family, I couldn’t do anything. That’s the honest truth. I think once you’re a mom, number one thing is – who is looking after my child when I have to be away? And I think I had to have the confidence to leave him with someone, while I have to work. And for the most part… any free time I have to be with him, I still try to do certain things with him. And I try to limit how much time strangers have (with him).

On how she feels being a part of the highest grossing Nollywood movie (The Wedding Party) in the box office, ever

Actually, I can only say I am honored. That’s the honest truth. It’s a comedy, I don’t that people have seen me in that many comedies. So it’s a privilege to say that I contributed to the Nigerian economy; the GDP at this time. I can only say that it’s good for the Industry as a whole. Just so happy to be the ones who are flagging it. We’re getting better and better.

Somkele in The Wedding Party poster (source: Unknown)

On how she’s honed her craft since she broke into the scene with ‘Gidi Up’

Actually, we have a group. And we take acting sessions. With any skill, with any talent, you have to keep developing it. You have to keep building on it. And the best way to learn, is to have whatever group judge your work. And that is what we do. In having meetings and sessions, you keep growing.

Somkele in Gidi Up (source: bellanaija)

What her acting group is called

We’re just called ‘The Work’.

Are famous people in ‘The Work’

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say but yeah, we do get together… we started about two years ago. I think we’re less than 20, let’s say 15. Okay, there’s Beverly, there’s me, there’s Osas, Deyemi. There’s a number of us. It’s pretty much with Actors, Directors, Writers.

What projects to expect from this group, if any

Actually, we’re all working on a lot of different things. There are some conversations that are still going on but I can’t say for sure.

Talking about her beautiful hair!

Curiosity. It was out of curiosity. I didn’t know what my natural hair looked like. It was just… try something new. I have been natural for 5 years. 


* Somkele is expected to reprise her role in the upcoming The Wedding Party 2.


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