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Today, The Lagos Film Academy Wants You To Think About Your Choices By Oluwatunmise Oluyede

Pain, underdevelopment, chaos, high level of insecurity and mass poverty are plagues that have characterised the Nigerian society for decades. Regardless of how much impact some of its citizens have had on the global scene, Nigeria remains a country that is yet to reach its full potential.


Our need for fast and effective ways to tackle the issues that confront us as a country always seems to take a back seat as people are either too engrossed in trying to survive or ignoring problems instead of making moves that could actually result in the change that is required.

An African proverb says, “For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”. What we need is a call to action, a reminder that it is our collective responsibility to act, to get in the driver’s seat and do what we must to decide how tomorrow looks for us and secure our place as the “Giant of Africa”.

The Lagos Film Academy (LFA) in collaboration with Global Philanthropy Alliance (GPA) sponsored some young filmmakers to make a fully funded short film as their first film. The film sets to promote citizen participation in the upcoming 2019 general elections.

“Choices” takes on the classic tale of “doing the same things and expecting a different result”. It seeks to point the attention of the Nigerian people to what’s important, what’s necessary and what would guarantee the start of an era that is devoid of nonchalance and lack of active participation on the part on Nigerian citizens. It all starts with having a voice, and individuals using their votes to let those voices be heard.

“Choices” premiered globally and digitally, Saturday January 26th 2019; at 12pm.

Check out video;


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