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Tonto Dikeh, Ifeanyi Dike’s Ridiculousness & Omoni Oboli’s Win – (by @SegunOdejimi)

Tonto Dikeh & Oladunni Churchill



It is not news that Nollywood’s Tonto Dikeh is no longer married to Oladunni Churchill.

It is not news that Tontolet, as her fans call her, is currently an angry woman.

And that is not a problem. Anger is a human emotion. Someone who has ended up in more bad relationships than some Nollywood directors have good films is bound to not be the happiest human around.

Consequently, she’s been speaking a lot in the past couple of weeks. Some rants, understandable. Others, not so much, especially when you remember that in about two decades from now, her beloved son might be watching some of these clips.

Allegations have flown, we have been informed about “forty seconds”. Tontolet has offered to test Funke Adesiyan‘s chin. This failed marriage saga will get even messier.

But you know what, like a friend will say, it’s her private personal problem. The best we can do is to empathize and learn lessons (or not) from this saga.

And the worst we can do?

Well, someone is already doing that. His name is Prince Ifeanyi Dike. They say he is the President, Board of Trustees of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

According to NewsTimesAfrica, he has warned Tontolet that she might be sanctioned.

He said:

Tonto Dikeh is exhibiting bad behaviour that we will no longer condone…It is very unbecoming of her to potray us in bad light. There are so many actors who have issues with their marriages without getting the public involved. Her actions do not speak well of the industry…we are concerned about her attitude which is rubbing off negatively on other actresses. Actions like this potray the industry as having unserious ladies. That is why men are scared of marrying actresses.

Dear human reading this, you see, in this life, you can become anything. Anything at all. But you see, do not become like Prince Ifeanyi Dike. You can become a prince that’s a good thing, but please do not let your IQ fall as low as Ifeanyi Dike’s. If it does, you’ll begin to spill ridiculousness so much that President Buhari’s spokespeople will become jealous of your barrel of ridiculousness.

What is the business of AGN and Dike in Tontolet ranting about her failed marriage and her ex-Mr.X? On what basis does this staggering guild think it can sanction her? Is everything OK, Oga Dike? Or is it the heat? Lagos, Nigeria has admittedly been hot lately but it shouldn’t have affected you to that level sir.

Fix up sir, leave Tonto Dikeh alone and have your guild focus on much more important things. There are almost a million of them.


Omoni Oboli 1 – 0 Jude Idada

So, to the surprise of many humans (including myself), Omoni Oboli won at the court over the ownership of the script of Okafor’s LawThose in the mood will remember that Raconteur Productions dragged her to court after Nigerian writer based in Canada, Jude Idada accused her of stealing his idea for her Okafor’s Law.

TNS extensively covered the hubbub and based on documents tendered by Idada, it looked like he could have a case. But Oboli’s claim of innocence has been rubber-stamped by the Federal High Court in Lagos.

Congratulations, Oboli. But this is a lesson to all creatives. Don’t come and present stories that touch later. Properly document and copyright your intellectual property at every point of your production or engagement process. The laws are still a bit blurry in this part of the world and in the absence of proper structure, everything still goes. But be careful. Don’t get used. Employ a legal adviser who specializes in entertainment law if need be.

September 2016 was embarrassing for the industry especially as that was when there was a Toronto International Film Festival-appearance euphoria.


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Written by Segun Odejimi

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