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Toyin Aimakhu Needs Some Education, It’s Uncouth For Her To Call Adesua Etomi “A Problem”

Time to add my voice in the Adesua Etomi and Toyin Abraham #NECLive debate matter….

Patrick Doyle, Toyin Aimakhu & Adesua Etomi

Toyin Aimakhu needs some education about fundamental human rights of association; I mean that part of the constitution that makes trade guild membership optional thus, it is in my opinion quite uncouth to refer to Adesua Etomi as a “problem” because she chose to exercise her rights. My advice to all the acting guilds is to make your membership attractive then allow the people to make a choice. Please STOP bullying people to join which is being done indirectly. Guilds aren’t regulatory bodies but mutual interest networks, you understand?

Now Adesua Etomi has said she is not a JJC in Nollywood because she studied abroad for 5 years abi? Girl stop that thing o! You are a greenhorn Nollywoodood if that is the only pedigree you have o. Take this from someone who studied in Nigeria for 4 years to get a B.A. and a year and half more for a Masters degree in Theatre, we still had to learn the dynamics let alone you who went to study abroad. Ok so here is your own education too, your training abroad may have prepared you for execution but you must learn the terrain for effective adaptation, you get?

Finally, now that Toyin Aimakhu is getting involved in some intellectualism, she should be careful not to bungle it up with sentimental comments like this one and Adesua Etomi needs a great deal of lesson in public speaking particularly articulation and elocution.


Tolu Fagbure is an Entertainment Entrepreneur & Consultant with specifics for Broadcast Content, Film & Theatre.


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  1. You Fagbure, I am sorry if this rubs you the wrong way but your article is poorly written. Although I have a faint idea what you are trying to pass across but it was a Herculean task. Please try to use quotes when necessary so we know when the writer is giving an opinion and when the subjects of the article actually said something.

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