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Video: Watch Trailer For Tunde Oladimeji’s New Crime Story, “Oja Okunkun”

Watch the trailer for Oja OkunkunTunde Oladimeji‘s new film.

Oja Okunkun tells a story about a young washed out detective who turns to drinking after a personal loss; he becomes the prime suspect in a murder case as played by Tunde Oladimeji. The murder case is being investigated by Alabi {the lead detective} played by Damola Olatunji; who is an antagonist. He must go through a journey of self-redemption and fight his personal demons if he wants to stay out of jail.

Jumoke Odetola stars as a lawyer turned journalist who has counter opinions with Alabi and thus leads to several counteractions but they have to work together to unravel who the serial killer behind the murder is.

Starring Yemi Solade, Damola Olatunji, Tunde Oladimeji, Jumoke Odetola and Toyin AdegbolaOja Okunkun is written, produced and directed by Tunde Oladimeji.

Oja Okunkun

It premieres on RARE TV this Friday, May 11, 2018.

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