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Video: Watch Trailer Of “Empire” Season 4

American drama series, Empire returns for a new season on September 27, 2017. Fox has released the trailer and poster for the much anticipated 4th season.

The third season ended on a tragic note after Lucious was caught in an explosion set up by his family. Losing memory of his family, he is relying on his caretaker to restore his health.


The upcoming season would feature guest stars Demi Moore and Forest Whitaker, but the main focus will be on the Lyons.

During a press tour show creator, Lee Daniels said:

When we start to focus too much on guest stars we lose who it is that the fans want to watch

They’re obsessed with the Lyons. They’re obsessed with family. They’re obsessed with the story of Lucious and Cookie and Jamal and Andre and Hakeem

The fourth episode of the upcoming season will also pay tribute to late Minneapolis artist, Prince with a rendition of “Let’s Go Crazy,”. Other cast members will be dressed up for a Prince-themed party. Although only one of his songs will be used on the show, the entire episode will pay homage to the artist.

Watch the trailer below:

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