Whether You Like It Or Not: 5 Reasons Bisola Will Most Likely Win #Bbnaija

Y’all better not sleep on this possibility

Because there’s need for a Bisola post so you don’t think we’re team Tboss.

Not like we don’t dig Tboss but we need to balance this. So we still have jobs and our Bosses don’t think we’re taking sides and trying to ruin the brand.

Okay, you get it.

So let’s get to the point.

5 reasons why Bisola will most like be N25m richer come Sunday.

  1. She’s talented – or something like that. It’s what her fans say all the time and the rest of us have come to agree with it. And even though Big brother isn’t a talent hunt, she has that working for her.

 2. She needs the money – not like others don’t. They do. But just like the others, she does need it. Plus what’s she going to tell her 7/8 year old when she gets home? All that flirting, showing of self and performance was for nothing? Man, she better arrive with that N25m.

3. Her heart will break when she sees TTT is AMM – Because her heart will shatter into a 100 pieces, her fans are probably pushing hard to cushion the hurt. So they want the mulla for her. Oh, by the way, AMM means a married man. Yeah, I coined that. Bite me.

 4. Warri no dey carry last – but they don’t necessarily carry first. So Efe can carry 3rd. Doesn’t matter. As long as he’s not last. Uhn I said that!

5. She will produce Nollywood movie – and whether it makes sense or not, will add to our revenue.


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  1. Really? You really had time to waste like this? Wow. I thought the Tboss article was terrible but this, wow, this is a new low.
    Was this an attempt @ sarcasm? I’m confused and definitely not laughing, but okay.
    Oh & I’m not a “jumping-outta-my-seat” Bisola fan but this was highly unnecessary and quite shallow, especially for TNS standard.

  2. Lol. Nice post.

    But you kinda made it too obvious that you don’t dig Bisola, and that this post may have come from a place of pressure for whatever you may have done for T Boss in the past.

    It would really give your site a lot more traffic if you punched on some very nice features of each housemates and tried to state why they may be worth winning.

    That would make fans of each camp promote the article and by so doing, they promote TNS.

    It is still a nice post, fair attempt at sarcasm.

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