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Women Aren’t Adequately Represented In The Technical Aspects Of Film & TV – Nkiru Njoku

Nk'iru Njoku



Seasoned writer and TV producer, Nkiru Njoku has called for women to get more involved in the offscreen and technical aspects of film and television.

The M-Net Tinsel head writer claimed that women are not well represented in the various technical aspects of film and television, a situation she believes has been aided by the “weaker sex” phrase that has been parotted over time.

In a recent interview with The Cable, Nkiru said, “Filmmaking and television is an industry where women tend to thrive mostly on-screen.”

“Off-screen technical film/TV jobs are mostly male-dominated and there is, therefore, a vibe around such jobs, where men and women alike tend to believe that directing, camera handling, editing, sound-engineering, lighting, etc., are for men,” she continued.

On if she thinks women are well involved in film and TV, Nkiru responded, “Women are not adequately represented in the technical aspects of film and television. The bug is spreading, and more women are picking up off-screen jobs and turning them into viable careers. But there is still so much more room for us.”

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