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Women’s Low Status Means They Don’t Get The Right Attention – Stephanie Linus Talks To Ford Foundation About “Dry”


Award-winning Nollywood film, Dry, has continued to receive international focus since its release.

Ford Foundation, one of the outfits that supported the film recently had a chat with producer/director, Stephanie Linus Okereke.

In the Twitter chat, Stephanie Linus discussed a wide range of issues as it affects her movie’s theme, the girls who inspired it and more.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

Tell us more about the real girls behind the movie.

DRY is inspired by the true-life stories of several girls I have met over the years. My research on fistula in college brought me around Nigeria and other countries. There I met lots of young girls who had been forced into early marriage and had Fistula. Many of them shared their stories with me, which inspired the script for the film.

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Was there a particular girl whose story affected you the most?

There was this one girl I met, and her story blew my mind. Her name is Amina. She was married off very early, even before she became a teenager. She got pregnant and had Fistula after being in labour for several days at home. Her community didn’t understand her condition. She got mocked and shunned, and her husband abandoned her.

How does inequality perpetuate fistula cases and child marriage?

The factors that contribute to fistula arise from overlapping areas of inequality for women. Women’s low status means they don’t get the right attention, including in childbirth Fistula,#childmarriageaffect the most powerless of society. These are issues in West Africa rooted in poverty and the overall position of women in society. Lack of education, harmful cultural practices, and limited economic prospects lead to#childmarriage

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