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5 Fun Things To Do When You Attend This Friday’s Nolly First Fridays



It’s no news that Nolly First Fridays is a really really big deal and the next edition is just around the corner. Well, its this weekend, so more like straight ahead. So while we are eager to be at the August edition, these are a few things you must make sure you do at Nolly First Fridays holding at the SMATplace becaue if not,(in slow motion) why are you here?




You really want to be there on time to enable you to catch the movie from the start. I mean, its almost kind of pointless if you come in when the movie is halfway through, it will completely throw you off course. You wouldn’t know what the movie is really about, you wouldn’t be able to fully take part when its time to discuss and why would you be at Nolly First Fridays and you are not taking part in Nolly discussion? Right?

Nolly First Fridays




You thought that before I came around to listing it, right? Well, this one is pretty important.  You want to do every other thing but you want to do this one the most. This is the time to *whispers* show yourself.  This session is lead by the ogas, Chris and Emma. Everyone gets the chance to learn from them and more industry veterans or professionals. you also get to air your views, talk about the industry and the movie you have just watched, argue with the ogas, it’s intense and fun.




Nolly First Fridays


You know what they say about events and pictures, “if there isn’t any picture to prove it, then it didn’t happen”. I didn’t make that up. You cant be looking fly like you always do and not want to freeze the moment for eternity. Ibrahim is on standby waiting to take awesome pics, have you seen our pictures of you? sick, the coolest thing I ever seen, hands down.  So when you burst in through that door, take a pose and smile for the camera. Later that evening you can check our handles (@smatmedia and @tnsng) for your pics. I mean, who wouldn’t want the world to know there were at Nolly First Fridays, am I right? *wink*





Listen, loads of industry people will be there so the last thing you want to be doing at this point is sitting all by yourself. Nolly First Fridays is an event that has given you the opportunity to be in the same room with some of your favorite industry people, take advantage of this, talk to them. Make friends, get to know what’s up, ask questions, play the board games with folks, try FIFA video game or even the foosball. Mingle, it will pay off, trust me.

Nolly First Fridays




Mr Tola doesn’t want anyone knowing this and he is probably going to get me for spilling but it’s the truth, he doesn’t bite. So don’t mind his hard exterior and his poor attempt at a stern face, talk to him. Do you want an extra drink? Tell him, he will most definitely fix you up, no matter how many times. Yes, he is going to try to make you drink responsibly, which is a really good thing but don’t think twice if you want to ask him for a drink.

Nolly First Fridays

So that’s it, my 5 musts at Nolly First Fridays. See you on Friday.


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