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5 Things We Learned From The Trailer Of “MUNA”, The Film That Has Adesua Etomi-Wellington Kicking Ass



A couple of years ago news broke about how Nollywood star, Adesua Etomi-Wellington was working on a film in which her role saw her kicking ass, literally.

In a few of the video teasers we saw on social media, Adesua was practising martial arts.

Last week, the official trailer for the film – Muna, was released. According to the synopsis, the film tells the story of a spirited girl raised by her grandmother; the last surviving member of their family. Her desire to provide a better life for herself and grandmother in the land of milk and honey leads to shady characters that will change the trajectory.

Asides Adesua, other people who feature in the film include Falz, Adam Huss, Robert Miano, Onyeka Onwenu. The story is by Unoma Nwankwor, screenplay by Kevin Nwankwor, Joe Leone, Liam Parry and Kevin Nwankwor directs.

Here are 5 things we noticed from the trailer:

  1. Adesua Etomi-Wellington is not afraid to take on massive challenges.Muna
    From her early days working on Knocking on Heaven’s Door and Falling to MTV Shuga and now to Muna, one thing is evident: Adesua loves to challenge herself. In this film, Adesua has to stay in command of the role which is pretty physically demanding. And that shows a side of Adesua that has undoubtedly helped her rise to the top of the pack despite her unassuming frame. Way to go Mrs. Wellington.
  2. The fight sequences are better than what we see around here but still a bit short of convincing us.There were fight sequences in Banana Island Ghost but they were hard to watch. Yeah, different directors and all, but this is better. Much better. Although as far as fight sequences are concerned, the ones in this film seem a little way off what is expected. But at least, we shouldn’t have a torrid time watching these ones.


  3. We will most likely see a lot of bad acting in this one.You know, whenever a Nigerian director or a foreign-based one makes a film that features a host of foreign actors, bad acting usually litters the place. Muna, from the trailer, doesn’t seem any different. And it will be interesting to see how Adesua navigates the waters swimming with some of these actors.
  4. This film might be too long for comfort.It will be interesting to see how the writer and the director tell the story that begins from when Muna was a young girl to when she got taken from her home, and then to when she gets to the United States. When a film is in three distinct acts like that, it is a tricky business for the filmmakers to ensure the audience does not take to yawning every five minutes.
  5. Sharon Ifedi is the one to watch out for.Watching this trailer, one thing is evident: Adesua won’t end up being the only brilliant performer in this one. Our eyes caught the actor who plays younger Muna. Her name is Sharon Ifedi and a little digging reveals that she is rated within the industry.


You can watch the trailer for Muna below and tell us what you think:


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Written by Segun Odejimi

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