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“All I Need Is Quick Cash” – AY Makun On Why He Isn’t A Fan Of Netflix

Nigerian filmmaker and comedian, AY Makun recently spoke to CNN Marketplace Africa about his works and some of the goings-on in Nollywood.

According to him, the economic recession in Nigeria affected the production of his latest film, 10 Days on Sun City:

It affected the last movie I did, 10 Days in Suncity, because of the exchange rate. I was shooting in Nigeria and South Africa so the exchange rate was crazy and that affected finance.

Talking about arguably the number one menace facing filmmaking in Nigeria, AY Makun highlighted how he, like many other Nollywood filmmaker, has had to count losses due to piracy.

I have lost so much [money] from [the piracy of] 30 Days in Atlanta to A Trip to Jamaica. This has also affected the industry – some producers believe that if they spend so much and pirates come, they are going to [have a] huge loss. But if they spend less and they make a little money before the thieves come, it will be fine. This is affecting the quality [of the films being made].

He also revealed why he’s not much of a fan when it comes to having his film on Netflix.

Netflix stretch payment [over] five years. I’ve invested and done the movie, all I need is quick cash to go back and do another one. It may be nothing for big Hollywood producers, but for people like us… we need the money.

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